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Italian Chef Manuele Frattini          Dinner Menu


“In the Mediterranean World, the most simple dishes are the better ones, specially if you do it with love and dedication”




Salumi Mix

Different types of  Italian salamis, olives and cheeses


Special Bruschetta

Slices of Italian bread with the classic “Bruschetta” sauce and some fresh mozzarella on


Carpaccio Trio

A combination of fresh Tuna, Salmon and Octopus sliced and served with Olive Oil, Garlic, Lemon and Parsley.



The classic but delicious Italian Salad. Slices of fresh Mozarella, Fresh Tomatos and Basil.


Mussels Soup

Fresh Mussels, home made tomato sauce, garlic, and lemon.


White and Black Salad

Lettuce, fresh tomato, Fagioli, Calamata Olives and Chef´s Vinagretta


Ceasar Salad (with grilled chicken optional)

The worldwide famous salad with homemade ceaser sauce and crotons.


All appetizers come served with fresh Italian Bread, Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the side and Balsamic Vinegar





Fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil.



With tomato sauce and Bolognese meat.



With mixed seafood, fresh tomato, garlic and olive oil.



Fresh Portobello Mushrooms, fresh tomato, garlic and white wine.



With fresh Lobster, in a tomato sauce or Olive Oil Sauce


Wild Forest

With porcini mushrooms, Gorgonzola Cheese, fresh tomato and basil



Served with fresh bread and Italian Parmesan Cheese


Fresh Pastas


Ravioli Al Pomodoro

Homemade fresh ravioli with tomato sauce


Ravioli with Porcini

With an incredible porcini mushrooms sauce


Ravioli Manuele

With tomato sauce, Pesto and Whipped Cream


Ravioli Delizia

With and extravagant walnut sauce




Ravioli Stuffed with meat

Ravioli Stuffed with ricotta cheese and Spinach




Green Pepper Tenderloin

Wth a green pepper sauce


Tenderloin Milano´s Style

With a gorgonzola cheese sauce


Wild Mushrooms Tenderloin

With an excellent porcini sauce


Chicken Parmesan

Chicken with Mozarella Cheese, Ham, Parmesan cheese and whipped cream


Tropical Chicken (Chef´s Invention)

Olive oil, Onion, Basil and White Wine


Tasty Chicken( Chef´s Invention)

Based on olive oil and rosemary and fresh tomato.



All meats come along with different options(2 Options per dish)


Fresh vegetables salted with olive oil or butter

Potato Chop

Sliced Potatos Salted with rosemary





Mahi Mahi In Garlic Sauce

with butter and garlic Sauce


Mahi Mahi Isolana

with fresh tomato, capers and oives


Mahi Mahi Ocean

In a amazing almonds and lemon sauce


Fresh Tuna Steak

Grilled just the way you like


Fantasy Tuna

Covered with Sesame and Olive Oil




Grilled Lobster with garlic sauce or a basil and olive oil sauce


Kinki Salmon

Marinated with balsamic vinegar and cooked with white wine.


All seafood come along with different options( 2 choices per dish)


Fresh vegetables salted with olive oil or butter

Smashed Potatoes

Sliced Potatos Salted with rosemary

Salted Spinaches






Panna Cotta Special


Brownie with Ice Cream


Grilled Pinapple


Carrot Cake


Mini Fruit Tart


Torta di Limone



Pricing:   BREAKFAST.$100 - LUNCH .$160 - DINNER.$300 - Price includes 8 people. After 8 add $30 per person.


Prices DO NOT include Cost of Food

Additional menus available at La Miraje Villa

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