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The Neighborhood

Warm waters year-round, an unparalleled tourism infrastructure, and limitless attractions spanning two coasts are the reasons Costa Rica’s beaches rank among the best in the world. And since nearly two thirds of Costa Rica’s borders are coastline, there are a whole lot of beaches to explore. Let’s get started!​ There are many exciting activities including a thrilling night life scene and terrific dining. There are also fun outdooractivities National Park touring and hiking in the surrounding areas:


Manuel Antonio is not only one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches, but one of the most beautiful in the entire world. Rated 2013 Fox News. Imagine: perfect horseshoe bays bordered by softwhite sands, dazzling blue-green waters, and hilltops piled with jungle and streaming waterfalls. Dive, snorkel, surf, kayak, hike, or zipline — but don’t forget to relax and enjoy the unforgettable views.


Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Costa Rica  and the most popular, with locals and foreigners alike. The hilly jungle provides natural shade from the tropical sun lines and has many diverse gorgeous white sand beaches  sloping to the gentle surf. Several trails lead through dense jungle growth to hidden sandy coves and magnificent lookouts over the ocean and beaches. There is good chance that you will see monkeys (howler, white faced, and  squirrel monkeys), sloths, and coatimundis. Scarlet macaws do frequent the area however you may need a bit of luck to see them. As the park started to become more known more hotels started springing up. Quepos is well known by sport fishing enthusiasts.


The blue water off this coast provides exceptional challenge and excitement for seasoned, as well as occasional, anglers. International bill fishing tournaments in these waters routinely tie and break world records.​


Come and take the trip where exotic beauty and breathtaking tropical attractions embrace you. 

Costa Rica is invariably referred as the best place for sun, sand, and natural surroundings.


Let La Miraje be your guide.


Manuel Antonio · Restaurants & Nightlife






Gourmet restaurant and bar, is on the right side of the mountain. And by right, we clearly mean the most gorgeous and relaxing. Situated so as to capture a resplendent, commanding ocean view, our simple, yet stylish design offers patrons a full five sense dining experience.​

Open on all sides to the soothing presence of exotic flora and the lilting sounds of tropical wildlife, this is no ordinary restaurant. Sophisticated menu presents a flavorful combination of comidas tipicas (local meals) and an eclectic range of tropical inspired dishes and drinks.

Or what about a deliciously refreshing seafood ceviche? Offering the finest cuts of meat, the freshest fish and other local ingredients, we don’t think you’ll have a problem finding something to utterly sate your appetite. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We await your order


Kapi Kapi


Kapi Kapi ‘s kitchen is lead by Roberto “Zorro” Rivera Mendez

He along with the help of his assistant Alex and the rest of our incredibly enthusiastic staff, create and prepare cuisine of internationally inspired creations that are influenced by the many flavors of Costa Rica.

To compliment all of our culinary delights is the outstanding support and service of our courteous and accommodation front staff, which completes this truly satisfying dinning experience.



Barba Roja


If seafood is your favorite fare, check out Barba Roja. Open seven days a week and has a huge selection of dishes such as Shrimp Burriots, Blackened Tuna with Soy Sauce or Sea bass marinated in garlic butter & herbs.

It has an amazing view of the Ocean Pacific and the rain forest. Bring your friends to one of the hottest places and drink the Coconut Margaritas, the Fruity Pirate and Blackbetty Daiquiri.

Enjoy the happy hours with half price from 4:30-6:30, Live Music Nightly.

Sushi and sunsets, geee who could ask for more!



El Avion

El Avión have a sensational menu each night, you're going to be served with the Chef Salad with Chicken & Vegetables, the French Onion Soup and the Nachos Chicken & Vegetables. Drinks like Piña Colada, Batidos and Liquor with Lime or Strawberry.

El Avión have happy hours every day from  5 pm.  until  7 pm.  with a special of two for one!



Cafe Milagro


This eclectic downtown Cafe Milagro cafeteria offers gourmet coffee, desserts and breads in a small setting. Taste the flavors of the Banana Bread, Lemon Pound Cake or Oatmeal Cookies every day. Drink our special Café Latte Coffee or traditional Cappuccino in two locations: downtown Quepos and in Manuel Antonio.


We developed relationships with the finest coffee growers in Costa Rica--and roast the beans here in Manuel Antonio. The result: quite simply the richest, smoothest, most full-bodied cup of coffee you’ll ever drink. People who taste our coffee are intoxicated by the fresh aroma and melt at the depth of flavor. When you think of drinking premium coffee at its tropical source, this is it. This is how drinking coffee in Costa Rica was meant to be.



Victoria's Gourmet Italian


Well, when was the last time you went to a restaurant for the 1st time, you sit down and become instant best friends with the owner and his gorgeous wife?

I have had plenty of amazing meals in my life, and this one was right up there.

The place is very pretty, the pizza and OMG the chipotle tuna is fantastic.

Marc, the owner has such an amazing outgoing personality that you feel like you know him your whole life. He brought us complimentary tastes of his all his favorites throughout the night. The food was so good, that we came back the following evening again! Fair prices, great food and friendly people. It doesn't get any better than that.




Musik Bar and Lounge


A funky chillout lounge club located above Century21 in downtown Quepos. The Musik Bar has a super retro modern feel and design and the DJ’s serve up some cool funky beats. The Musik bar is a perfect place to drink a little, dance a little, and get your party started. The bar has some wicked ‘Jetsons’ style chillout areas as well as seating along the windows overlooking the streets of Quepos.


The bar has a fun relaxed party vibe and is popular with locals and expats before heading to Republik. Throughout the year, the Musik Lounge Bar hosts some great events and theme parties. as well as showcasing some live music for special events.


Republic Club


Republik Club is a modern and chic NY style discoteque located across from the waterfront in the heart of Quepos, just North of Manuel Antonio. Republik plays a mix of popular electronic, dance & reggaeton beats with a little Latin style mixed in. Republik is known as one of the more trendy clubs that Quepos and Manuel Antonio have to offer, appealing to a demanding crowd. The club is one of the more prestigious and popular bars so it gets very busy by the end of the night. Republik is a recommended option for a night out in Quepos, to mingle with a good looking mixed crowd of locals and tourists alike.

Republik also offers a VIP section and bottle service.


Something for every night of the week: Casinos, live music and so much more.

Ask your personal concierge for assistance


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